Let's face it, Valentine's Day should be turned into a second Friendsgiving. I remember waiting tables on Valentine's Day and getting stiffed by guys who clearly maxed their cards out on flowers, candy, purses, Michael Khors watches, and a stuffed plush animal. Remember if you can't afford the 20% tip stick with take out. Basically Valentine's Day is one of my least favorite holidays. If you're on the single train, hop on we have some prefect solo date night ideas you'll love. Choo choo, single crew coming through!

1. "Treat Yo Self" to a shopping spree! Youree Drive is wondering where you've been lately. Shops of Bellmead, Favorite Sisters Boutique, ULTA, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, shop around! Retail Therapy should be covered by your health insurance, but we all know the co-pay wouldn't be worth it! Buy that shirt, those jeans because YOU love the way they look.

2. Hang out at a coffee shop. I love hanging out at Rhino Coffee from time to time. Something about sipping on an iced lightening while shopping online is soothing to me. There will be plenty of people around you, just enough to make Valentine's Day to feel like every other day, unfortunately many of them will probably be catching up on work, but at least you won't have to deal with dinner crowds!

3. Movie marathon. Maybe you get little crazy and call the pizza guy over to do that thing that you like. You open the door and there he is standing with your favorite pizza, you yell "Hey guys pizza is here!" sign the slip and shut the door. The only ones who heard you yell that the pizza had arrived are your pets and the inner you who can only be satisfied by pizza and chocolate. You, Netflix, pizza, and jammies equals the perfect evening.

4. Spa Day. Get the massage, get the facial, get that pedicure. Relax and let the staff do all the work. My Spa My Way has one of the coolest spa experiences in the Ark-La-Tex. Make sure you make that reservation BEFORE all the couples start to book their couples massages.

5. Book a nice hotel all to yourself. Do you have pets? Make sure you download the app Rover and get them to stay with their new favorite pet sitter. Pick a hotel like the Remington. Put on that plush robe, raid the mini bar, kick your feet up on the clean linen and enjoy the thought of not having to worry about a thing. Room service please!



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