Who would have ever guessed that a single man would actually smell different than a man off the market?  Obviously, you'd think I'm talking about his lack of hygiene or maybe it's the third time he's worn the same underwear, but it's nothing of the sort.

Apparently, when a guy is single, he literally smells worse, but it's actually due to his chemical composition, and apparently that's pretty danged attractive to women!  And it's all attributed to evolution.  Now, don't get ahead of me.  You might be thinking that scientists have now figured out exactly why we have appendix.  It's really not that complicated.


According to the Frontiers in Psychology website, a group of researchers recently conducted a study in Australia and determined that single men actually produce more testosterone which tends to give them a nastier body odor.  But, that was actually a GOOD thing when it came to a woman's sense of smell.

In the research, women were asked to take a big whiff of a bunch of single men's shirts and equally as many married guy's shirts.  And though it was noted that the married guy's shirts smelled better, the women were more attracted to the shirts of the single guys.


Researchers concluded that due to this attraction, women have evolved to the point where they can sniff out single men, so they're not wasting time on someone who's unavailable.

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