In movies and television, mobsters and serial killers are often depicted as criminal masterminds.  Just watch any of the Mission:Impossible movies or Sherlock Holmes on PBS.  In reality most criminals are not the brightest bulbs on the billboard, and that's putting it nicely.

Take these two geniuses in Marshall, Texas.  Back on May 19th they tried to steal an ATM from the EZ Mart on W. Pinecrest Drive.  First they stole a pickup truck and attached a chain to the back of it. When they got to the store, Albert Einstein tried to wrap a chain around the ATM.  After several attempts he succeeded and yelled to his partner in crime "Go! Go!"  So Stephen Hawking gunned the engine, and the chain promptly fell off the back of the truck.  After a couple of more attempts they gave up and drove off.

Not only did the brain surgeons leave empty handed, their whole caper was caught on camera, and has now been played to a national TV audience.  Last week A&E's "Live P.D." interviewed Marshall Police Public Information Officer Kelly Colvin who then introduced the video of the crime.

If by chance you happen to recognize these two nuclear physicists, please call the Marshall Police Department at (903) 935-4575. You can even remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 903-935-9969.

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