Social media--we can't hide from it. Even grandparents are doing it. But, its the younger generations that we worry most about when it comes to social media. We worry about bullies, predators, over-sharing and so many other issues that can arise from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. What age were your children when they joined Facebook?

Flickr Commons, codemastersnake

Gary allowed his boys to join Facebook when they were 10 and 9 years old. And although he monitors their computer use closely, Gary says it would be a whole different ball game if he had little girls. He thinks he might monitor a little girl even closer or maybe wait even longer to allow her social media access. But, since he doesn't have little girls we are asking you how it went down in your house.

What "social media" sites did you allow your children access to and at what ages? Or maybe you are waiting until they reach a certain age before they can get on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? Do you have their passwords? Do you check their accounts?

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