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If the saying, 'time is money,' is true, then I'm in some serious trouble because I know I'm not always conducting business on my phone! I'm embarrassed to say, I spend darn near half of each day on my phone. Talk about wasting time AND money!

If you have an iPhone, you've seen the weekly notification pop up telling you how much you used your phone over the last week and whether your usage was up or down. I decided to look a little closer and found a 'Screen Time' option under the settings menu that was eye-opening. My daily average cell phone use over the last week was 10 hours 9 minutes! That's INSANE! Clearly, I need to take a look at my time management.

Did you know that Apple allows you to schedule downtime away from your screen? You can also set time limits on your apps. So, if you think you're spending too much time on Facebook or other social media, you can tell your phone to shut you down after a specified amount of time. You can also set communication limits. I'm thinking that option might come in handy if you have teens. You can even set a password to make sure someone on your plan doesn't exceed the amount of screen time you've allotted for that device.

iPhone also allows you to view your most-used apps and app categories. In the past week, I've spent 25½ hours gaming, 8 hours and 23 minutes reading, and 6 hours 9 minutes on social media. See, I wasn't working and if time is money...

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