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I'm shocked, amazed, and perplexed by what people said they'd give up for their smartphone in a recent study!

According to the website, folks seem ready to do just about anything to ensure they have their digital leash in their hand, including giving up their pet or significant other! I guess I shouldn't find that too surprising considering the fact that most people pay more attention to their phones now than their friends and family. Don't believe me? Go to any restaurant and see how many people are actually talking to each other without scrolling through social media, etc...

I have a HUGE problem with this! Since when did a piece of technology become so ubiquitous? I'll admit, if I accidentally leave the house without my phone in the morning, I feel naked, but it's not going to ruin my day if I can't check my Facebook ten times an hour.

The study says that 72% of the 1,000 respondents said they would give up alcohol before giving up their phones.  70% would give up Netflix while 41% say they'd give up all streaming services. Other things we'd give up? Coffee, 64%. Social Media, 60%. Sex, 47%. Your significant other, 42%. Your pets, 40%.

Your pets, your partner or spouse, and/or sex?!?!? You have got to be out of your mind! When did we lose sight of the things that really matter in life, like relationships and intimacy?

I was so bothered by this I had to ask my friends on social media if they were of the same opinion as the folks in this survey. I'm sorry, I'm not giving up my pets for anything. I wouldn't give up my significant other either. That is if I had one! lol


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