The internet is completely split on this. What about Shreveport-Bossier?

The internet has always been a wild and crazy place, but it seems like (somehow) an even more random place amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I can say myself that if I see one more impossible trivia question on my Facebook feed, I will go crazy and block that person for life.

Clearly, the human race is bored, and running out of ways to keep busy. Today, I came across easily my favorite argument currently taking over social media.

How many times do you say "chugga" before you say "choo choo"?

It's indeed a prolific question, one that never truly needed an answer until now. Yet, here we are as a human race, cussing each other over what the appropriate amount of "chuggas" actually is. Reading folks arguing left and right over this topic actually enraged me. I never thought I could be so meaninglessly angry in my life. Not over the argument itself, I love the argument. However, some people out there say "chugga" way too many times, and even a few found a way to say it not enough times before the "choo choo".

I am unbelievably passionate about this, and I am ready to issue the only correct answer, right here and now.

The only acceptable amount of times to say the word, "chugga", before saying, "choo choo", is either TWO, FOUR, or in extreme circumstances, SIX. Any other answer is downright wrong. Anyone who says an odd number needs to be evaluated for a stay at a mental hospital. Anyone who claims they say it more than six times is absolutely lying. Finally, anyone who believes the acceptable amount of "chuggas" before "choo choo" is one, I guarantee you they are not a real human being.

Do you agree or disagree?


[Humans of Tumblr]



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