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When it comes to cities to welcome the new year in, how does Shreveport rank? The quick answer? It doesn't! That's right, according to a new study from, Shreveport doesn't even make the list, even as one of the worst cities to kiss at midnight in. That's kind of scary, considering we feel like we're at the bottom of every single naughty list!

To be fair, WalletHub only compared the 100 biggest cities in America across 15 metrics so we didn't qualify for the list. However, both Baton Rouge and New Orleans did and were ranked at 91st and 100th respectively. Yes, you read that right, Baton Rouge beat New Orleans and New Orleans was listed LAST! Who was first? Virginia Beach, VA.

Thankfully, we've still got the Dallas-Fort Worth area within driving distance. Plano, TX was ranked 3rd in the country, while Irving was 23rd and Arlington and Garland were 26th and 27th. Fort Worth came in at 40th and Dallas isn't on the list until you hit #61. Yikes!

If you're as confused as I am, it'll make more sense when you see some of the metrics that were used like the number of COVID-19 cases in the area, the price of wine, car thefts, security and amount of Driving Under the Influence fatalities around NYE.

So now, every time you see our state or our fine city come up at the bottom of a list, we can't even say, 'Yeah, but we know how to party,' anymore and that just sucks!


Source: WalletHub

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