Folks with pets have been having a hard time over the last few days with all of the fireworks people have been popping off in honor the New Year and a lot of them have had their pets run off trying to escape in fear, but this story has a happy ending!

Shreveport area couple Link and Amy Abraham went through the fear and anxiety of finding their precious Molly was nowhere to be found New Year's Eve because of neighborhood firework displays, so the couple frantically posted pictures of their missing family member all over social media in the hopes that she would be returned to her home. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened!

When you read through the Facebook posts below, you'll know that He had a hand in Molly's return. Too many things had to happen at just the right time for it to be mere coincidence!

This post is the one that was shared to my wall by a mutual friend! I used to work with Amy and I was so happy to hear about her good fortune! As you know, I'm a sucker for fur babies!

May all of our fur babies be returned home healthy and safe. AMEN!!!

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