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There's no more perfect way to wrap up a dumpster fire of a year than with a legit dumpster fire! From the pandemic to hurricanes, the election, racial divides, fires, bombings, and the economy, it's been ROUGH! Have you noticed that you don't see a bunch of '2021 is going to be my year' posts on social media? It's because we're all cautiously optimistic that things might actually get better, but we don't want to tempt fate! Please, please don't jinx us! However, I think a notable send-off for 2020 is in order and apparently, so did our friends at Flying Heart!

As a thank you for your support during 2020, Flying Heart Brewing and Pub is hosting a New Year's Eve event this Thursday that you're sure to remember! They'll have music, food, and drinks, including champagne, to ring in the new year at 11 pm... because that's the new midnight or at least when Governor Edwards is making folks shut things down. So, starting at 6 pm, Flying Heart will have a dumpster in their parking lot for you to toss things you can't wait to say goodbye to and we'll all watch it 'burn' together! BTW, it's a figurative dumpster fire, but we appreciate the thought anyway! FYI, good luck getting a reservation. I put my request in on Monday and I'm still waiting to find out if I made the cut;)

Visit Flying Heart's Facebook event page to find out more and Happy New Year!

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