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What does it feel like when you have COVID-19? My friend Jaymz Larson from my time working in Iowa posted this to Facebook and I was shocked to hear how badly he's been feeling. While Jaymz hasn't been hospitalized, he's definitely not feeling his best;(

Jaymz described his symptoms as something he's never felt in his entire life, waking up with bad body aches and back pain in addition to overall physical weakness, headaches, and a fever that he says made him so cold last week that he took six showers one day to warm up and seven showers the next. Apparently the fever dreams are no joke! He added that the body aches are the worst of suffering from coronavirus, followed by fatigue as he self isolates at home.

Jaymz also expressed his frustration because there's not much doctors can do for people who test positive for COVID-19. There's no magic cure other than rest, while you pray you don't have to be admitted to the hospital, or God forbid, be put on a ventilator. Thankfully, he says he's feeling better now and finally getting his appetite back.

In short, Jaymz strongly recommends taking coronavirus seriously because, 'it sucks!'

More and more people I know are being diagnosed with COVID-19 or are in isolation because of exposure. No matter how you feel about masks and the virus, please take care of yourself and the people around you. This is serious.

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