I'm sorry, but are these states not known for their activities outdoors?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but do we not spend a lot of time outdoors in the states of Louisiana and Texas? I'm not into hunting, but I have plenty of friends who would love to spend an entire weekend in a deer lease or an entire day out on the water fishing. To me, the south is all about being outdoors.

However, MightyGoods.com has a different opinion.

The website recently put out a list of the "Best Outdoor State in America." They claim that their list is based on metrics, but with results like that, I'm not so sure. It seems like their biggest criteria is "how easy it is to access the nature around us and how much we use the nature."


They compiled a list of all 50 states, ranked from best to worst. Louisiana found itself at number 43, while Texas fell all the way down to number 49. Arkansas, on the other hand, garnered a number 18 ranking. As for the top 5, they placed Wyoming at number 1 with Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and North Dakota following.

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