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The National Wild Turkey Federation would love for you to bring your kids to this year's annual North Louisiana Wheelin' Sportsmen Banquet.

Yeah, it's cool for you to come as well, but they're really hoping you'll bring the kids (Jakes as they call 'em) so these youngsters can see another advantage to that life in the outdoors.

Along with the privileges of getting to hunt, kids are also taught the responsibilities of hunting and helping the community.

And that's exactly what this banquet is all about. To raise monies to continue supporting the NWTF Habitat and Hunting Heritage programs.  Things like providing people with disabilities opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. And there are events like hunting, fishing and shooting. Participants at these events gain a sense of independence by learning to stay active in the outdoors on their own in between Wheelin' Sportsmen events.

This year's banquet, slated for March 25, beginning at 6:00 pm, will be held at the Texas Street Event Center (formerly the Knights of Columbus building) at 5400 East Texas in Bossier City.

Tickets are $50 per adult, $65 for couples and just $15 for Jakes (the kids).  Just remember, they're the most important ones!

There are also corporate tables and lots of sponsorship opportunities, so if that strikes your fancy, just call Skeet Hodgkins at 617-0995 or Ronda Johnson at 349-4829

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