Ever wondered how our local parishes got their names?

Louisiana has deep roots in many cultures and that is how our state has been shaped...from street names to the food we eat.

Louisiana is made up of 64 Parishes ( which I did not know,) but how did each one get their name?

Well, thanks to our friends at Only In Your State, we now know how Caddo and Bossier Parish got their name.

  • Caddo Parish was named for the Caddo Indians who were the original inhabitants of the area. The Caddo Indian Confederacy eventually sold their land to the United States by signing the Treaty of Cession in 1835.

  • In 1843 Bossier Parish was created when the government carved an area from Claiborne Parish. The parish was named for General Pierre Bossier, a 19th-century soldier, plantation owner, and politician.

Interesting, huh? Want to know more about other parishes in Louisiana? Click HERE.

{Only In Your State}

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