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According to the average temperatures for Shreveport since 1991, the average high temp for an October day is 78.9 degrees. Which is a lot cooler than what we've been experiencing in the first ten days of October 2022.

So far, this October has had 9 of 10 days with highs over 80 degrees. With 5 of the 10 days going over 85 degrees, and one day that topped out at 90 degrees. Looking at the forecast for the rest of October in 2022,  you see more of the same. The forecast for the rest of the month shows at least 15 days predicted to be at or above the average high temperature.

But have we hit any record high temps so far in October this year? The answer

So far, October 2022 has produced one day of 90 degree temps. Which was just a 90 degree number. That came on October 6th, where the all-time record temp for that date in Shreveport sits at 97 degrees. That happened on October 6th, 1954.

The all time record for any October date in Shreveport is 98 degrees, which happened twice. The first date that record was recorded in Shreveport was October 15th, 2015. It was tied on October 3rd, 2019. So reasonably that record can be broken, since its been hit twice in the last decade. In addition, October 2nd, 2019 checked in with 97 three of the hottest October days Shreveport has ever seen has happened over the last few years.

Once we hit October 27th, the record high daily temps dip below 90 degrees for the rest of the month. So even though we haven't broken any daily records yet, there are plenty of opportunities to do it over the next few weeks.

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