In January, I told you about some amazingly historic museums in Shreveport that were on the verge of closing down.  The Spring Street Museum, The Shreveport Water Works Museum and the Shreveport Railroad Museum were set to close forever at the beginning of the year, as funding for these incredible places had been cut.

According to KSLA, the fast action of Mayor Ollie Tyler secured funding through the end of February.  This past Wednesday, two of the three museums (Shreveport Water Works Museum, and the Railroad Museum) were handed back over to their original donors - the city of Shreveport.  The Spring Street Museum has been returned to it's original owner as well, the Louisiana Chapter of the National Society of the Colonial Dames in New Orleans. The museum will remain open, now back under the group's ownership.

The Shreveport Water Works Museum, and the Railroad Museum will remain open due to a partnership between Mayor Tyler's office and the McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society.

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