There is a video that has amassed over 4.4 million views on TikTok and it will probably continue to bring in the views due to the hilarity.

If You Love Blue Grass This Video May Be Offensive.

Cole Gore's TikTok mainly focuses on the music that his band is coming out with but ever so often there is a bit of comedic gold.

Cole Gore's Brother Decided to Enter a Banjo Competition Even Though He Can't Play the Banjo.

The worst part is that there are so many people there that were there to cheer on a friend or family member and they had to sit through this excruciating performance. Watch the video below.

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Clearly, TikTok Wanted More and Asked For Different Angles and a Longer Video.

The best part for Cole's brother was that only seven people went into the competition so laying claim to being the seventh-best banjo player in the state of Texas isn't too shabby is it?  

@colegoremusic Reply to @adrianna.mast #bluegrassmusic #banjo #country #fyp @riley.gilbreath @john22ss @lanegore02 ♬ original sound - Cole Gore

Now Several News Outlets Have Started to Report on the Texas Man Who Can't Play the Banjo That Entered a Banjo Contest.

WGN Chicago's news anchors played the video and the anchors lost it. Of course, they did the video is hilarious. However, the news anchor's reactions are what have us all rolling. They can't control their laughter and it's contagious. Watch the video below.

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