It's no secret at Jake Owen has become the dreamboat for women all over the country. We love his music, we love his attitude and if you have ever listened to his podcast you will love his family and everyone else he surrounds himself with. Jimmy Kimmel had Jake Owen on his show right after the CMAs and Jake Owen didn't disappoint. Jake Owen played 2 of his latest songs, but the song that had us all rolling laughing. Jake Owen's spoof song "Where the F**k Did I Park My Truck?" There are a lot of country songs about trucks, but this country song is one that many of us can relate to. Watch the video until the end, it's HILARIOUS! We love that Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel's show made a cameo appearance in the best music video of the year!

Just in case you want to see Jake Owen perform "Made For You"

Here is Jake Owen's Performance of "Down To The Honkytonk"

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