Several Shreveport neighborhoods are still dealing with low or no water pressure. City leaders say 10,000 of 70,000 customers are still having problems.

Crews are working around the clock to repair the damage to water lines all over our community. If you are still having issues, you are encouraged to fill out this form to let the city know you still need help.

map of water outages

This interactive map is not a project of DOWUS. It is a project of Reform Shreveport. If you have issues with your water and you want to contact the city, call 673-7600.

Click here to see the real time map.

ReForm Shreveport created this web form to have an idea where the biggest problems are.

Many residents are reporting they do have some water, but the pressure is low. Much of West Shreveport is completely out of water.

The water went out across our community one week ago when our temperature dropped to 1 degree which was a record for our community. After the second wave of the storm blew through, it dumped about 11 inches of snow and ice on our community.

This pile of snow and ice caused dangerous driving conditions across the region and also knocked out power to several thousand homes. But the biggest problem has been water. Many communities remain under boil advisories through this entire week.

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