The Desoto Parish Animal Shelter has a dream... for the world not to need their services anymore! Wouldn't it be amazing if every fur baby had a loving home or that every pet owner spayed or neutered their animals to prevent unwanted litters? Personally, I think that would be an amazing world to live in!

That's why the Desoto Parish Animal Shelter is asking for your help in purchasing a mobile, fully customized van. They're trying to maximize the effectiveness of their low-income spay and neuter program.

The van will also allow them to be mobile and go to adoption events wherever they may be without worrying about the safety of the animals, especially in the heat! Check out pictures from the Mobile Magnum website of the 26-foot mobile spay and neuter clinic they've set their sights on! The interior would be customized to their needs and they'll have a custom graphic wrap with the names of major sponsors placed on the sides, like a rolling billboard!

However, these customized vans equipped with kennels and a surgery suite don't come cheap. The price tag for the one they want is $163,000. Every dollar counts! Can you help? Visit the Desoto Parish Animal Shelter website to donate or visit the Friends of Desoto Animal Services Facebook page!

Here's a portion of the email Cora Gardner sent me about the project. I sure hope folks dig deep to help!

I hope you’re having a nice week so far.  I volunteer at the Desoto Animal Shelter out in Grand Cane, LA and I need your help in a very big way for an exciting project we have going on at the shelter.

This year we are having our biggest fundraiser ever trying to raise $163,000 through grants, private donations, and other sponsorships to purchase a 26 foot customized mobile spay/neuter adoption van. The new van will be air-conditioned and heated and have customized kennels to fit our needs.  It will be fully loaded with the surgery equipment we need to do spay and neuter surgeries on animals that get adopted at our shelter and we will also be able to do surgeries on companion animals for residents in Desoto Parish that qualify for the Desoto Parish's low-income spay and neuter program. This van will completely change animal control in Desoto Parish because by being mobile we can do adoption events anywhere we want to and we can bring our cats with us and more dogs too without the heat index being a factor because (the cats and the dogs too) will stay nice and cool inside the mobile unit. Magnum Mobile in Phoenix, Arizona is who we are working with and they already have a private donor willing to donate $25,000 towards the purchase of the van once we raise the other funds we need.  Connie Philipp is the Desoto Animal Shelter director and she is working on creating a music video to launch our big campaign.

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