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Have you ever had anyone ask you how many sexual partners you've had? I remember this being a much bigger concern, at least personally, when I was a young woman. If he asks, what do I say? Do you tell him what you think he wants to hear? If the number is higher than you're comfortable with yourself, do you lie to make yourself feel better and to avoid being slut-shamed by someone you care about?

Now that I'm older and back on the dating scene, it doesn't seem quite as important. We've all got a little bit of 'life' under our belts. Other than health or religious reasons, I'm not sure that being active is as taboo as it was before. Not that I'm out there knocking it out of the park, because I'm not, let's be clear!

This subject came up this morning when I ran across a new survey in The Sun that broadcast an alarming statistic. The survey, commissioned by adult site Lelo and conducted by a group called One Poll, says that one out of three people admit that they've LIED to their significant other about their number of sexual partners. The survey went on to say that the number one reason why people lied about their 'number' if you will is that they were afraid of feeling judged.

I was interested to find that when I posed this question to my friends on social media, most said they weren't concerned with their partner's past, just their future. Interestingly enough, several women messaged me saying they didn't want to share publicly but they basically did what they wanted when they wanted to. I guess we still haven't made it to true sexual equality. Personally, I think men and women are still wired differently, but that's just me. If you're interested in reading more about the sociology/psychology of the relationship between men and women, I recommend A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam.

Here are the comments from my Facebook friends. Feel free to scroll through, add your own thoughts, and give me a follow!

Okay, not looking for numbers here, just whether or not you've ever lied about your 'number' to your partner. Ran across...

Posted by Erin Bristol on Monday, October 26, 2020

[The Sun]

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