While there are those who have dedicated their lives, successfully, I might add, to hunt for buried treasure, I can only count myself as an interested observer, but the thought of finding silver, gold or Spanish doubloons, has to be fascinating to anyone.

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The Legend of Fletcher's Treasure

One of the few treasures I've ever actually done any research on, is rumored to be worth countless millions. Legend has it, that the treasure is hidden somewhere behind a waterfall possibly not far off the Sabine River and not terribly far from Natchitoches, Louisiana.  This treasure came to be known as "The Legend of Fletcher's Treasure."

A couple of weeks ago, when the new season opener of "The Curse of Oak Island" aired on television, my fantasy world opened up wide to lost fortunes that may never be found.

Pirate with treasure in briefcase

Is There Treasure Hidden Right Here in Shreveport?

And not just any treasures. I'm talking treasure right here in our area. When you consider treasures possibly hidden by the infamous pirate, Jean Lafitte, or those rumored to have been stolen and hidden during some of our countless battles in the Civil War, none are more fascinating, or conveniently located, than the one legend holds was hidden by Monsieur Richarde, right here in Shreveport.

This treasure, according to losttreasureusa.com was supposedly hidden in his garden not very far from downtown Shreveport.

Monsieur Richarde, a semi-recluse, resided 1 1/4 miles W. of Shreveport between the Cobar farm and the residence of Captain Joseph Boisseau. Richarde was reportedly a very rich man who spent much of his time working his garden. After his death, a few Spanish and French coins were found, but the gold coins he is believed to have hoarded were never found. They remain cached somewhere on his old property.


To see what other treasures might be lurking in Louisiana, check out the full article by onlyinyourstate.com and start your own research.

Course you'll want to remember that trespassing on private property is a criminal act, so don't let your dreams land in you in the slammer.

Always seek permission to hunt from the rightful property owner.

See These 22 Pirate Treasures Still Hiding in Louisiana

Louisiana was long inhabited by internationally known pirates including Jean and Pierre Lafitte. And long has been the legend that these pirates buried untold fortunes in unfound treasure all over the state. Just look at where some of those treasures are still rumored to be buried to this day.

Gallery Credit: Gary McCoy

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