We live in a world that is powered by Google. But how often do the kids "Google" and accidentally find things that they're really not supposed to see? Thanks to Kiddle.co, moms and dads can rest a little easier when it comes to kids and the internet.

I know, as a mom, as kids get older they become interested in the ways of the world...specifically the internet. I remember when my seven-year-old only wanted to play with her toys or watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Not so much anymore. It's always, "mom, can I download this app?" or "can I 'google' giraffes?"

Seems innocent, right? Of course, but how can I be sure that when she googles 'giraffes' something inappropriate doesn't just pop up? I can't. Until now.

Google has introduced a kid-friendly search engine called Kiddle.co that looks a lot like Google, but with child-like modifications. According to Tech Times,

Kiddle offers search results hand-picked by editors to ensure their kid-friendliness. The first one to three results will always be curated by the editors — safe sites written specifically for children. The next few results will feature sites in simple language that will be easy for kids to understand. The rest will be sites tailored to adults that may be harder for kids to digest, but are still filtered by Google safe search to avoid them stumbling on anything inappropriate.

So, now as parents we can loosen the reigns just a little and sigh a bit of relief when the kiddos are surfing the web. If your child puts in a word that could be considered inappropriate, a little robot will pop up and say "Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!"

More good news is that parents can also block additional keywords by submitting a form, and may request sites to be blocked that they feel are unsuitable. The font is bigger and Kiddle clears it's logs every 24 hours so that personal information is not stored.

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