This just isn't fair.  A new study reported in the Wall Street Journal declares that men who are "agreeable" make a considerably smaller amount of money when compared to that grumpy pants boss we have all encountered at least once in our careers.

The study examined workers from all types of career fields, ages and pay scales. With over 20 years of information, the conclusion was that the more aggressive and flat out rude men were at work, the more likely they were to climb to the top. The same principle applied to women in the study to a certain degree. Rude women were more successful than their mild mannered counterparts, but the mean ladies only performed marginally better. And I bet they don't get invited to many "Girls Night Out" events.

I am appalled.

And more than that, I am fighting this horrible revelation. I am nice. I plan on staying nice (with the exception: If I ever run into the person who keeps stealing my food out of the company refrigerator--I have imagined multiple painful and probably illegal plans for their punishment.)


Let's start a nice people revolution!