How would you like to get paid almost $130,000 to travel the world? Well if you're interested in a nanny position we have the job for you!

A family on is looking for a nanny for their 4 kids with ages ranging from 2-15 years old. The nanny will travel around the world with the family as well as help with their education for the home schooled children. However you aren't expected to teach the kids as they have their own teachers.

They're looking for a nanny with over 15+ years of experience as well as a degree in child psychology and no children of their own. So far over 300 people have applied but no one yet filling all the needs of the family.

Oh not to mention as you drive the children around town you can choose from any of the families Porsche, Range Rover or Maserati's. The family will travel around to their different homes located in London, Barbados, Cape Town and Atlanta. Click HERE to apply!

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