It was an absolutely wild day in the NFL yesterday. Multiple games ended on final plays, including two wild finishes where defensive touchdowns walked off games. One of them came in the end of the Las Vegas Raiders game against the New England Patriots. Where the Pats tried a wild lateral play as time expired in a tie game. One of those lateral passes from New England was intercepted by a Raider, and taken in for a walk off touchdown.

While that was a wild ending, it didn't have the playoff implications that another walk off did.

The Dallas Cowboys would secure a playoff spot if they were able to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags came into the game 5-8, while the Cowboys were 10-3, making Dallas pretty obvious favorites. Grabbing their 11th win would land them a playoff spot.

But former Shreveport high school football coach Doug Pederson and his Jags weren't going to just roll over and hand the Cowboys the win. Pederson is not only a Super Bowl winning head coach, he was the first ever head football coach for Calvary in Shreveport.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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Which made it interesting that he was coaching against another Ark-La-Tex football legend. Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback is former Haughton Buc Dak Prescott. But Prescott didn't enjoy the end as much as Pederson.

Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars
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In overtime, one of Dak's passes was tipped, and intercepted by Jacksonville's Rayshawn Jenkins. Then Jenkins returned it for a walk-off touchdown, ending the game. Which would keep the Cowboys out of the playoffs for the moment.

But, the whole day wasn't bad for Dallas. During Sunday Night Football, the New York Giants beat Washington, which sealed a playoff spot for Dallas. So even though they lost in a tough way, they still got their playoff spot.

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