Fox Searchlight has received the rights to produce "Flamin' Hot" a movie that is all about Flamin' Hot Cheetos. No, the film won't have Chester the Cheetah, the film is going to be all about the accidental making of the billion dollar snack  Flamin' Hot Cheetos. A Mexican born immigrant Robert Montanez was a janitor for Frito Lay's Rancho Cucamonga plant when he invented the delicious Cheeto dust that took over my fingers all through high school.

Four years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Mr.Montanez and I was able to hear his American Dream story. I remember him recounting how he was able to get a meeting with the President of Frito Lay to pitch him the Flamin' Hot Cheeto idea. Prior to the meeting he and his wife ran to the library to figure out a business plan and copied one from a book. Then he found a $2 tie and was ready to change his life for the better. Little did he know at the time he had just invented the most popular snack for Frito Lay's. Robert Montanez is now the executive Vice President of multicultural sales at Pepsi Co. One thing I took away from him was to be proud in all you do. "My father told me it didn't matter what my job was, I needed to take pride in the work I did. I may have just been a janitor but I was the best janitor in the building." I can't wait to watch the movie, if the movie is anything like his speech, it will light a fire under my butt. What can I invent today?

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