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Talk about a blast from the past. Remember those nights at the local drive in's? Well, Walmart is taking us back to those days! They announced in late August they'd be hosting several nights at various locations throughout the country where a part of their parking lots would be turned into "Drive In Movie Theaters" and this weekend, it's our turn in Bossier City!

And now we get news from the gang at Walmart has just made additional tickets available for both this Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10.

Now tickets are FREE but you have to have one to get in, so you'll want to take advantage of this opportunity right now.

You can get free tickets at

Tickets are available for the following showings:

The Walmart Drive-in promises families a fun, contact-free experience where you can watch popular films thoughtfully curated by the Tribeca Film Festival.

Ahead of each feature presentation, you'll get to screen one of a number of short films, including Bilby, Bird Karma, Brooklyn Breeze, CROW: The Legend, Fire in Cardboard City, INVASION!, Looney Tunes’ Boo! Appetweet and Marooned.

Drew Barrymore will serve as virtual host for the events, welcoming guests to a fun family night experience. Families will be also be treated to surprise virtual or in-person appearances from Peter Berg, Jennifer Garner, LeBron James and Chrissy Metz at select showings.

For the complete movie-going experience, families can stock up on their favorite theater concessions to bring along with them through Walmart’s convenient pickup or delivery services.

To reserve a space for the Walmart Drive-in, customers can visit

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