The famous flamingo that has been on the run for over 13 years has been spotted. The flamingo known as 492 because of the tag on its foot was seen along the Texas Coastline. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Coastal Fisheries took to their Facebook page and shared a photo of the beautiful bird. The photo was shared over the weekend and many Texans along the Texas coast are hoping to see it in person, but it's just like Bigfoot, very hard to find.

Let's call the flamingo 492 for the stories sake. 492 knew that his life was pretty bland, he had a dream to be able to go wherever whenever he pleased. The Kansas City Zoo life just wasn't enough for him. One day he realized that the zookeepers hadn't clipped his wings in quite sometime. So he went for it. he flew away and never looked back. He poses for photos to taunt the zookeepers and reminds everyone that you too can stick it to the man!

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