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It was week four of The Bachelor last night and Ben Higgins whisked the ladies out of Malibu to Las Vegas! He had a one on one with JoJo, Olivia officially lost it during the group date and then it was a one on one with Shreveport’s own Becca Tilley… which started off with Becca in a white dress being dropped off to find Ben in a Vegas wedding chapel… but it wasn’t what you might think. Apparently, Ben is an ordained minister. After talking about feelings and all manner of mushiness, Becca got the date rose. Ben then followed this up with a two on one date with the twins which ultimately resulted in Ben sending Haley home. Finally, it was another week on The Bachelor so it ended with another cocktail party and rose ceremony where both Amber and Rachel were sent home.

A photo from the Friends reunion is out and Mathew Perry was absent as expected. He says they’ve been talking about reuniting for a TV special and Perry also says he can’t remember three whole years of the show because of substance abuse.

And then this happened. #TBBT #friends

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Gary was talking about juicing for health and all things green this morning, so I thought the story was appropriate. Billy Currington, despite a busy tour schedule, says he’s been gardening all his life. Quote, "I plant quite a bit... like kale, broccoli, sugar cane, silver queen corn, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, green tomatoes... I could keep going. I planted quite a bit this year. I grew up doing this.  I've been doing this all my life."

Sarapta, LA native Trace Adkins is in the movie Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg and in one of the scenes he’s supposed to beat up Mark’s character. Now, I’ve meet Trace and he’s a big boy at 6’6” but I kinda got the feeling he was a big teddy bear so finding the motivation to ‘beat up’ Mark Wahlberg was tough for him… So the director decided to get in his face, cuss him and generally tick him off, then like a genius yelled ‘Action!’ At that point, Trace knew what to do! The movie is about the 2010 BP oil spill and the subject matter is familiar to Trace because he used to work on a drilling rig.

Celebrity Birthdays January 26:
Ellen DeGeneres 58
Eddie Van Halen 61
Wayne Gretzky 55

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