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Lee Greenwood is playing President elect Trump’s inauguration and calls it a great honor, adding it’s about the change of power in Washington.

Arnold sent two packing last night on Celebrity Apprentice: Kyle Richards and Jon Lovitz.

Oh boy! The Bachelor was a doozy last night! The first group date featured the Backstreet Boys. Nick and the girls got to dance with the guys on stage at a show to Everybody and the girl with the most chemistry with Nick as judged by the boys won a special serenade on stage… and that winner was Danielle L. Of course, everything is always about Corinne, who doesn’t do ‘planned dancing,’ but she does like to play with whip cream(!) Corinne also admitted during the episode that as a 24-year-old woman… she has a nanny. Yes, a nanny that takes care of HER! It might not have been so weird if she had called her a personal assistant instead… Nick took Vanessa on a zero gravity one-on-one date and it looked like they were really having a blast, except for the fact that she got sick and need a barf bag. The second group date was all about track and field and included Olympic greats like Carl Lewis. The winner, Astrid, got some obligatory time in a hot tub with Nick. Rachel got the group date rose, however Dominique got the boot when she confronted Nick about not getting enough attention. We wrapped the episode with a pool party and Nick and Corinne in a bounce house followed by a whole host of women taking Nick aside to tell him how bad Corinne is and to question his true motives. In other words, it was another episode of The Bachelor. BTW, I was six for seven in my Bachelor Fantasy League last night!

Brett Eldredge is so silly! He posted a video of him serenading his sleeping dog. Shouldn’t you do that to help him sleep? Either way, the video is too cute. I sing to my dogs too, but I sound more like a cat in heat.

Drops of Jupiter in a sleeping puppy's ears.....

A video posted by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on

Celebrity Birthdays January 17:
Betty White 95
Jim Carrey 55
Zooey Deschanel 37
Kid Rock 46
Maksim Chmerkovskiy 37

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