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Luke Bryan says he skips the deodorant and that soaping up with Irish Spring is enough for him. He might want to rethink that for this Sunday when he and Dierks Bentley are hosting the ACM Awards live in Vegas. BTW, the guys say they aren’t worried about an Oscar-type of mistake… they say ‘things happen’ plus, they have a bar backstage!

If you’re planning on having ACM watching party Sunday night, we found a really cool list of ideas for your shindig. Some of the tips suggest tying a Red Vine around a Rice Crispy treat and stacking them like hay bales, you can make a piano key board edible display out of Kit Kats, serve popcorn in mason jars and even create little cowboy hats using Pringles and gumdrops on the top of cupcakes. I wasn’t planning on hosting a party, but I may have to try a few of these dishes because I’m hungry just thinking about it!

The Boot is running a poll right now on the performance folks are most looking forward to seeing this Sunday during the ACM Awards and there are a lot to choose from with 21 performances… When I posted this, the duet with Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban was winning followed closely by Miranda Lambert. I know Gary is looking forward to seeing Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys! Okay, maybe that’s me, but at least there’s no Beyonce!

Celebrity Birthdays March 30:
Thomas Rhett 27
Justin Moore 33

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