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Wow! There must have been a big football game last night. Strangely, I saw a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit in Gary’s office this morning… Hmmmm! I'd love to see this live and in person!


In other NFL news, no one from the league was arrested in September. That’s the first time they’ve made it a full calendar month since July 2009. Ummm… Congratulations?

Wow… I don’t even know what to think of this. The three prescription medications found near the bed of Jim Carrey’s deceased ex-girlfriend were his… prescribed under an alias.

TV is in the business of the remix… Seriously! Now they’re talking about a Lethal Weapon TV series on Fox. Meanwhile, CBS is giving MacGyver a reboot. Other ‘remixes’ in the works: The A-Team, Hart to Hart, Xena: Warrior Princess, Behind Enemy Lines, Training Day, The Notebook and Friday the 13th.

Dancing with the Stars returns tonight… with a newly engaged Whitney Carson… the pro partnered with Carlos PenaVegas. In past, she partnered with Chris Soules, Cody Simpson and Alfonso Ribeiro. Speaking of Alfonso, he’ll be filling in for Tom Bergeron tonight who’ll be gone to spend time with his sick father.

Here’s one more reason to love Louisiana’s own Hunter Hayes. He surprised a busload of fans on their way to see him at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam and upgraded their tickets. Some of them even went from $200 GA tickets to tickets that went for $1,000!

Celebrity Birthdays October 5:
Aaron Carpenter 17
Kate Winslet 40
Jesse Eisenberg 32

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