Gary and Bristol wake up with the chickens to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning. 

I already don’t have much respect for the Kardashians, but this makes anything I had for them plummet. Kim and Kourtney were spotted parking in handicapped spots at a Cheesecake Factory, and the police who escorted the back out to their cars, didn’t seem to care. After my father’s heart transplant, he had a legit handicap tag and it never failed to burn me up when I saw able bodied people abusing the privilege.

That sure didn’t last long! Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff (THAT VOICE!!!!) have split up and according to their reps they’re still friends, blah, blah, blah! Just a side not, of the 29 couples from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, only FOUR are still together. I wonder how long it took Chris to call our own sweet Becca Tilley.

Mariah Carey isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it and apparently doesn’t give a damn for American Idols contracts. She recently blasted the show saying it was boring, fake and the season she judged was the worst experience of her life. And oh yeah, if they ask her to make an appearance during the final season, she’s not interested.

This will make your heart happy. Brantley Gilbert hit the road for a two day motorcycle ride with a group of combat veterans and they shared an incredibly bonding experience. So bonding, that one of the men gave Brantley his Purple Heart. In return, Brantley gave him the rosary he wore daily.

Billy Currington is a summer guy… He grew up in sunshine and wants to be on the beach, at the lake and generally outside.

Kip Moore wants to live life as hard and as wide open as he can, while he can. That includes surfing, rock climbing and skate parks, which he admits, can be dangerous!

Brett Eldredge has an addiction, but it’s a legal one… adrenaline! He recently strapped on a GoPro and went zip-lining with fans.

Celebrity Birthdays May 29:
Carmelo Anthony 30
Daniel Tosh 40
Melissa Etheridge 54
Rupert Everett 56
Melanie Brown 39
LaToya Jackson 58
Noel Gallagher 47

Celebrity Birthdays May 30:
Idina Menzel 43
CeeLo Green 40
Wynonna Judd 50

Celebrity Birthdays May 31:
Clint Eastwood 84
Brooke Shields 49
Colin Farrell 38
Farrah Abraham 23
Corey Hart 52
Casey James 32

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