Without one, we would not have had the other.

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Let me explain. Because of the kindness of Jennifer Williams, we were able to learn about the incredible woman, Elizabeth Campbell.

See, it was Jennifer who took the first step and wrote in to tell us about her amazing friend, Elizabeth Campbell. It was in Elizabeth's nomination letter we received from Jennifer that we saw that God had placed an angel among us in the Minden community. Elizabeth, who's not even native to our area, has done all she can to make her mark on her newfound hometown, and it's obvious to all who know here, that she's indeed a Godsend to Minden.

That's why it's so easy to name Elizabeth Campbell this week's recipient of the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award!

Elizabeth is one of the sweetest, most giving people i know. She is our head president for the young women’s service club of minden and also serves on the junior service league of minden. She has 4 children all under the age of 10 and does it all by herself! I could call in the middle of the night and no matter what she would find a way to come help. Her husband recently passed away and he was a member of the civitans and she was always right there with him helping anyway she could. For her not to be from our town (from Baton Rouge) she sure does give back to our community more than anyone i know.

Elizabeth Campbell, because you've been 'Caught in the Act' the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse have a $100 Gift Certificate for you to come have dinner.

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Elizabeth to let her know that she was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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