Super Bowl is fun not just for the great football and hilarious and creative TV commercials, it's also fun for the food. I'm talking unhealthy delicious eats that pack on the calories. Game winning treats that will get more attention than the game or commercials themselves get.

  • Bacon Wrapped Pigs photo by flickr

    Bacon Wrapped Pigs with or without Blankets

    There's nothing like pigs in a blanket, but have you ever tried a more fattening version of pigs wrapped in bacon? mmmm there's so much pork in it - pork wrapped in pork - to help you PIG out. (pardon the pig pun) You may also wrap them in a blanket. I like to use crescent rolls for that. Just cut the dough in half like a triangle and roll them that way, so the dough will go further. I hate for you to run out of the wrapping..fewer calories that way, and we're all about consuming super calories on Super Bowl game day.

  • Sausage and Cheese Pinwheels photo by

    Sausage and Cheese Pinwheels

    Another yummy snack that's easy to fix. Take your biscuit dough and flatten it out in 1/2 inch thick strings. As you wind them into the shape of a pinwheel add sausage and cheese in between the dough pinwheels and bake on 325 for about 10 or 15 minutes. Make sure you've already cooked the ground sausage before making the pinwheels. You can use any kind of cheese you like, cheddar, monterey jack, pepperjack, mozarella, etc.

  • Super Bowl Chili photo by

    Super Spicy Super Bowl Chili

    Homemade chili is a Super Bowl tradition in our house. Maybe because we live in Texas and chili is the official food of Texas. I make mine really hot by adding chillies and hot McCormack chili seasoning. Brown your hamburger meat, add onions and the chili seasoning, then add 1 can of whole tomatoes, 1 can of pinto or kidney beans, 1 can of chillies, and 2 or more cups of water. Cook for at least an hour, and salt and pepper to taste. Add shredded cheddar cheese and crackers or corn chips to your super bowl of chili and enjoy this spicy food.

  • Super Sausage Balls photo by flickr

    Super Sausage Balls for Super Bowl Sunday

    If you want them to be super sized, make the balls bigger. Mix together three cups of Bisquick mix with 1 pound of sausage ( I prefer Jimmy Dean's and you can spice it up by using the hot kind) and three cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Roll them into big balls, place on a cookie sheet and bake on 325 for 20 minutes. Delicious for breakfast or brunch on Super Bowl Sunday, or during the game as a super snack.

  • Super Spicy Queso with Tortilla Chips

    Super Bowl Queso Dip with Chips

    It wouldn't be Super Bowl Sunday without some delicious Tex/Mex Queso with chips. I have a very simple recipe for the Queso, or cheese dip. Melt a box of Velveta cheese in a crock pot on high, then add green chillies and Rotel tomatoes. After it melts together, it's done. Use your favorite Tortilla chips for dipping. I like the new Tostitos fried thin chips.