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It's no secret that I love a good, frosty beer from time to time.  On a hot day, nothing quite compares.  I often think of the genius of modern brewers while I sip on an almost frozen ale, and wonder at the knowledge and expertise these witches and wizards of the suds possess.  How amazing is it when some not only make the delicious beer, but sue it to make a real difference in society?  Totally amazing is the answer.

Three Frosted Beer Glasses on Granite Counter
Janet Koelling

That's why it fills me with pride to tell you that some excellent brewers, and very good friends the Gilstraps in Tyler, Texas have announced that they are making a beer for the blind!  Not a beer made for blind people to drink, mind you, but a beer for all to drink that benefits the many blind residents served by the The East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind.


The new brew from East Texas Brewery is a a peach Kolsch called “The Blind Ambition."  According to the report from KLTV, $2 from the purchase of everyone of these special beers will go directly to the East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind's projects that help train, educate, and employ blind East Texas residents in 40 surrounding counties.

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