Summer is just about here and that means sunflowers are coming to full bloom all around Caddo Parish. But there's one area known as the Sunflower trail leading people to the Sunflower Festival on June 16th Fathers Day weekend. This year they're celebrating 20 years so things will be bigger and better than ever!

This year will include a family friendly scavenger hunt with they've outlined all the details and rules for on their Facebook Page below..

The trail and festival is located in Caddo Parish starting at the south end of Highway 3059 and then running down Sentell Road ending in Gilliam at the Festival. The sunflowers are starting to bloom and expected to be full bloom and beauty by next weekends festival! This is one of those events that'll build long lasting family memories and I cannot wait to bring mine to see the sunflowers!

For all the details about the festival make sure you follow them on Facebook!

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