Dallas Cowboy Fans and Dak Prescott Fans are hoping that Prescott's dog won't be euthanized after the dog attacked a neighbors dog and neighbor. February 25th, Dak Prescott's dogs escaped their home through a door near. The dogs ran around the neighborhood and then they attacked a neighbor's dog.

The neighbor tried to separate the dog fight and she lost part of her finger in the process. According to TMZ Sports and the court documents they were able to obtain, everything seems to point towards Dak Prescott ignoring all the warning signs. The documents claim that Prescott had the chance to prevent this horrid attack.

Officials claim that they warned Prescott about his dogs getting out. Dak's home in Frisco was warned twice by officials. Officials say there is a door near the quarterback's garage that doesn't close. The door has to be locked in order to work properly. Clearly, Prescott ignored the warnings.

A hearing is set for March 20th at 8:00 a.m. to determine if Dak's dog, Icon, is a threat. The "dangerous dog" hearing will determine if Icon, the pit bull will have to be put down.


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