The answer to that question is easy. Yes, of course people date outside of social media, but where are they meeting in the first place? The majority of the people I know have met their other half on social media. As someone who is dipping their toes back into the dating world it seems that everyone is either on Tinder, Bumble, or some other dating app.

Do people actually meet possible love interests in the real world? Is this an out of date concept?

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Accprding to Gigi Engle of IRL, 89% of men and 84% of women looking for a partner on dating apps.

Jenna Merkle from Thought Catalog explains the reason we seek online dating is because of "the idea that there is always something, someone better is always there. We live for instant gratification. We have grown up being told we deserve the best, that we are the best, nothing is good enough for us."

Merkle has a point, but I don't think that people are that self consumed to to the extent she describes. However, I just think that it is for convenience. I am a homebody. I wake up very early for work and go to bed very early as well. I don't have much time to go out and mingle all the singles. That is why I turned to social media.

But what do you think?



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