"My dog ate my homework" is just so passe.

Rachel Harriman, a 19-year-old student at Ohio State University, sent a professor a note than she could not finish an assignment because she had broken up with her boyfriend and was in no emotional state to focus on academics.

At first, it sounds pretty lame. Life throws all sorts of curveballs our way and we have to learn how to balance our personal lives with our responsibilities, right? Sure, that makes sense, but some on the internet rallied to her aid.

Still, some others are incredulous that this was an actual excuse.

While the general public has its own opinions on the matter, there was only one whose really mattered: the professor's. Rachel said he replied and that she wound up getting a B+ and didn't penalize her for handing it in late.

It may have worked in college, but we'd love to meet the person who can make this fly in the real world. "Sorry I didn't finish that report, but my boyfriend dumped me last night" isn't going to get you much sympathy when you're being paid to do a job. At least not until Millennials are running all the Fortune 500 companies.

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