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I love bourbon.  Not in an unhealthy way, but hands down - it's my favorite flavor of loudmouth soup.  It must stem from the many Christmas celebrations that took place at my Nan and PawPaw's house when I was growing up.  Every adult in the house had a bourbon and coke during the holidays.  That's why (for me, at least) the smell of Christmas trees and Jim Beam go hand in hand for me.

That being said, I really like the higher end bourbons - but I don't roll like that.  It's hard to imagine dropping more than $50 on a bottle I'm not entirely sure I'll enjoy.  Buyer's remorse and a hangover just don't mix.  Imagine my elation at discovering the Bourbon Bar!  Nestled into the mix of retail stores and restaurants on Youree Drive, this whiskey paradise specializes in - you guessed it bourbon!

They have other drinks too, just in case you bring a non-bourbonite along - but they've got over 80 bourbons to choose from.  Basically, if it's brown (liquor) they know what's going down at this joint.  For a guy like me who has always wanted to taste an ultra-fine whiskey like Pappy Van Winkle and the like can "take it out for a spin" before I consider taking out a small to medium loan for a bottle to take home.

If you are a bourbon head - strap on your mask, grab an UBER and save me a seat!

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