If you didn't know, Devin White loves horses.

The LSU linebacker, and former high school standout at North Webster, also loves chasing down quarterbacks and punishing them.

Both of those things have come together, as the LSU Tiger got a chance to take his horse, Daisy Mae, around campus, and into Tiger Stadium, where they high-stepped around the place that Devin does his best work.

Clearly, Devin has some MAD skills on horseback (real life too, not Red Dead Redemption style), as he showed off multiple times during the shoot.

Earlier this year, Devin White talked about his love of horses with the SEC Network. He talked about learning to ride horses in Cotton Valley, and how he would play his youth football games, just waiting to be able to ride after the games.

Devin White will soon be playing in the NFL, which will give him a financial opportunity to further his love of horses. It wouldn't be unrealistic to hear his name one day, attached to a horse running in the Kentucky Derby.

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