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Just yesterday, the DeSoto Regional Health System posted video from one of their surveillance cameras at the Zwolle Rural Health Clinic that has gotten lots of attention.

It's video of two deer attempting to run into the health clinic. One of the two successfully jumped through a plate glass window and entered a waiting room in the clinic.

Thankfully, no one was in the waiting room at the time of the incident or it could have gotten even more intense than it was.

They captioned the video with "It's not every day that folks are breaking down the doors to get in" and they've certainly got a point.

There was genuinely a lot of concern for the welfare of the two deer involved by a considerable number of those commenting on the post. And though I'd love to tell you that both animals escaped unharmed, I haven't been able to find out the condition of the deer.

I did read some other comments by some who saw the humor in the situation including a few describing how the deer were there to get their COVID shots, and the classic "Only in Zwolle."

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