It's one of the most brazen jewelry heists I have ever heard of.  David Sixtos and Ashley Tarango worked together to steal tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry in a string of thefts that stretched across the south.  The pair were finally arrested in Waco after they almost made off with a diamond ring valued at close to $18,000 from Zales!  Their method was practiced and thorough, and the pair carefully selected their targets and the employee they would trick.  According to the Waco Tribune, the pair would pose as a newly engaged couple searching for rings.  Allegedly, after selecting a beautiful (and expensive) piece, David would go to the car to grab his wallet so that the purchase could be made.  Ashley would then switch the real ring out with a cubic zirconia ring (that would also be stolen in an earlier robbery), fake an emergency and leave the store before the sales associate noticed the switch.  The thieves would then high-tail it together to the next crime.

Authorities say they can link the pair and their particular technique to several jewelry store scams in Dallas, Oklahoma, and right here in Shreveport!  They are currently being held in the McLennan County Jail in Oklahoma on Grand Larceny charges, with charges from other agencies across the south soon to follow.

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