Could we see Drew Brees in a Cleveland Browns jersey next season?!

More than likely not, because Brees has said time and time again that he plans on retiring a Saint BUT his contract isn't far from expiring on March 14th which will make him a free agent. In his heart Brees is a Saint but being 39 which means his career is towards its end and with the saints looking to draft a young QB it'd be hard to turn down a big contact from a new team.

The rumor going around the league is that the Cleveland Browns might be interested in offering Brees an insane contract to bring him to town. Now I'm going to be nice because my wife's family is from Ohio and huge Browns fans... But they're bad, like really bad. Drew Brees going to Cleveland would in no way make them Super Bowl or even playoff contenders. But it would bring excitement to the city and they might actually win a few games.

As for the contract this is where things get interesting because the Browns have a ton of room in 2018 to offer a crazy contract. With $110 Million in salary cap space there's experts saying don't be surprised to see Cleveland offer a 1 year $50 Million contact to bring Brees up North!

But let's be honest Drew Brees wants another Super Bowl and he has that chance in New Orleans.... Not Cleveland.

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