The list of events that have been postponed, rescheduled, or just outright cancelled over Coronavirus concerns is mind-boggling.  Music festivals, St. Patty's Day Parades, and more have been axed over fears the disease will spread even faster.  The latest has to be the most ironic.

Over the weekend, organizers with the Council on Foreign Relations cancelled a conference centered on “Doing Business Under Coronavirus” due to concerns some of those that showed up might be infected.  According to the New York Post, this think tank has taken the cancellation one step further.  They have also cancelled all face-to-face meetings until April 3rd to minimize the risk of caching and spreading the illness.

So far, more than 50 major events with an estimated attendance of nearly 1 million people have been canceled in the U.S. due to this outbreak.  Catch up with the running list updated by the New York Times here.

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