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I knew that attitudes about marijuana were getting relaxed in Louisiana, but I was pretty surprised to find out about the Bayou State's latest eatery coming down the pipeline - Chēba Hut.  If you have ever been around the Devil's lettuce scene, you might know that "chēba" is slang for pot.  Combine that with the fact that Chēba Hut is a franchise out of Colorado and you may be asking yourself if you missed some announcement about the legality of giggle cabbage in our state.  Not only is that not the case, I can also assure you that all of this is perfectly legal.

Confused?  Don't worry, it comes with the territory - and I think that may be the point.  The Chēba Hut location set to open on August 9th in Baton Rouge isn't a marijuana dispensary - it's a sandwich shop.  What began as a way to earn a living off of stoned and hungry customers in a state where weed was legal, plentiful, and cheap snowballed into a franchise that served lots of bleary eyed patrons across the state.  Just check out their menu:


Louisiana native Tommy Wiggins visited the location in Fort Collins, Colorado back in 2003 and was floored.  Almost 20 years later, Tommy is set to open his very own (and Louisiana's first) Chēba Hut.  Customers can expect their munchies to be obliterated by the wide array of sandwiches like the "Thai Stick," and "Acapulco Gold," and annihilate their thirst with their "Cottonmouth Cures" from the bar.

According to the report from 225BatonRouge, the restaurant's décor is laid-back, easy going, and ultra-heavy on the weed references - but customers shouldn't expect to eat in a place that reminds you of your college dorm room.  Wiggins says that employees are “stoner professionals, not professional stoners,” - and that difference means the restaurant will maintain a high-level of cleanliness while serving delicious munchies.

On the subject of why meeting these standards was so important, Wiggins had this to say:

“We have to exceed those expectations because people are going to think we’re a bunch of potheads who sit around and smoke and make sloppy sandwiches,”

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