I love being in the country. So far, my favorite part about being in the country, is the fact that I am too far away for someone to come looking for me. By the time someone gets to Ringgold they are either going to get lost or give up. This is in my benefit.

That was, until it started raining. You know that Luke Bryan song, "Rain is a Good Thing?" Yeah, not when makes 6 acres spontaneously grow about 3 feet overnight.

It's becoming more obvious to me, daily, that my moving to the sticks was ill-planned. Yesterday's realization was the 3 feet x 6 acres of grass, grass hoppers, crickets, ant beds, weird flying tiny bugs, probably a snake or 2, countless jumpy spiders and my favorite, sweet gum balls. Yeah.

So what are my options?

  • Tractor? Well, yes, I do think your tractor is sexy, John Deere, but I hadn't allocated for that in my budget.
  • Riding Lawn Mower? That either.
  • Self Propelled Push Mower? Maybe.
  • Goat? I'm sorry, what?

"You need a GOAT!" my friend Allison said.

"What does a goat do?" I responded, cautiously.

"Well, they eat grass...and make babies." She said.

Now, WAIT a minute, this MIGHT be the answer?! I can have a Momma and a Daddy goat, and they can  make babies and eat to their hearts content on 6 acres of bountifulness. And Allison's family happens to be right down the road in Minden!


Then I thought about goat poop...

...Yeah, so then I went to Sears.

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