The man of the house has been getting his share of toys lately. You'd think that I'd be the one all domesticating it up, but no, in the last week he has bought, hedge clippers, a John Deere mower, a chain saw, fish tape (yeah I don't know) and has somehow managed to figure out how to make my dishwasher work since the plumber/electrician never calls us back.

I'm trying to get RID of stuff. Like, making him purge his closet. This boy seriously has more clothes than I do...and I'm a GIRL. But the thing is, he doesn't like buy all the stores out... he's one of those people who make me sick because they have stayed the same weight since high school, so he still wears the same blue jeans that he wore when he was like 17. He has every polo work uniform dating back to his High School days at Footlocker...and countless jerseys (also dating back to Footlocker days).

Also, I've somehow contracted my first case of poison ivy in my adult life. How do I spend almost a decade without getting it and then I move to the country and get it within one month? Seriously? It's probably from some of those trees he's been cutting down and wanting me to watch them fall in awe and wonder.

Yeah, and then to add to the randomness, my dad gave me a deer cleaning knife for my birthday. I don't even hunt. I am, however, resisting the urge to fillet this poison ivy off my leg. Someone says that if it gets into your blood stream you can be in serious trouble. Another friend said she scraped her poison ivy off once and then applied nail polish remover to it. OUCH! She said it worked, but left scars so she wouldn't recommend it. Wow. Really? So, what's the best way to get rid of poison ivy that doesn't require me getting off work to get a shot?

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